National OncoVenture (NOV) announces the support of development of MedPacto’s leading anticancer drug candidate, TEW-7197

Nov 05, 2013PRESS RELEASESHit 2548

Korea National Cancer Center established National OncoVenture (NOV, Director: Dr. In-Chul Kim) for 10-year “Conquering Cancer” program in 2011 and this year NOV selected 2 anticancer drug candidates to support the non-clinical and clinical developments on Oct. 15th. MedPacto’s leading compound, TEW-7197, is one of them. It is a small molecule compound which is originally developed by Ewha Women’s University (Prof. Daekee Kim) supported by the Program for Disease-Based Discovery of Global New Drug Candidates. Its target indications are solid tumors. It is in-licensed from Ewha to MedPacto on Jul. 10th 2013.
NOV and MedPacto Inc. will continue the development and look for partnership with global pharmaceutical companies. NOV will not only financially support 75% of total development budget but also provide scientific and clinical advices to MedPacto

-  Tues 15 Oct. 2013 09:51 AM Republic of Korea

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